Artist Statement : Manifesto


Born in Calgary , Alberta in 1988, I've always been exposed to unique environment. My Aunt encouraged me to draw by buying me art supplies, my Father was computer programmer, my Cousin that lived with us for a while designed web pages and my Mother always encouraged me to do what I wanted. In the end it inspired me to want to become an artist and designer.

My love for drawing the characters and creatures in my head quickly turned to a fascination with comic books. They were a rather unique way of telling a story and as such I was drawn to it. I often drew comics as a kid and after a lot of practice with my own work I managed to get a job as a penciler for an online comic called Artificial.

While my love of comics allowed me to portray the stories I had buried in my head, I found myself wanting to have a way to share my stories with the world. This is where my love of design began to form. Learning how to code simple websites when I was only nine years old I quickly learned picked up the tips for making a well planned out website to display my work with the world of the internet.

This combined love of artwork and computer technology has lead me to participate in the University of Lethbridge's B.F.A New Media degree of which I currently I am in my fourth year of the program. When I'm not hard at work on projects for class I am working on my own comic Walking in the Dark or my Commission work.

© Leanne Gover 2010