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Professional Profile:

- Strong graphic design, web site construction, and interactive design skills
- Excellent time management, planning and budgeting skills
- Work well independently or in a group
- Friendly and outgoing


2007-2011 Bachelor of Fine Arts New Media Degree Program, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge Alberta

Work Experience/Commissions:

January 4th-April 1st – Sothern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, AB –Intern
- Graphic and design for various print and logo work
- Involvement in Children’s programs including participating in day camps and leading gallery tours.

May-August 2010 – Cambrian Drug Mart, Calgary, AB – Cashier / Post Office

June 2010 – Ongoing Artificial – Pencil
- Pencil drawings of comic pages

July 2010 - Man with a Motorcycle.
10 in by 14 in pen image commissioned by Peggy Ross.

July 2010 - Motorcycle Mama.
8.5 in by 11 in pen image commissioned by Heather Walker

June 2010 - Recipe application.
Interface design for an I-pad application commissioned by Chaotic Studios, Lethbridge

May 2009 - Jupiter.
Painting used as a Digital Album Cover for the group Sandbox Astronomy.


Name: Jennifer Prosser
Title: Manager of Public programs and Education
Contact:, 403 327 8770 ext. 29

Name: Christina Cuthbertson
Title: Public Relations Manager and olunteer Program Manager
Contact:, 403 327 8770 ext. 24

Name: Robert Heaton
Title: Pharmacy owner. Previous employer.
Contact info: 403-289-9181

Name: Peggy Ross
Title: Post Master.
Contact info: 403-289-2868

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